The Best Watch Winders

Are you looking for a watch winder for your automatic watch? You own several automatic watches, and they stop after 2 to 3 days when they are not used? The ideal solution to have usable watches and to protect them is the watch winder.
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What is a watch winder?

A watch winder is a very popular and useful tool to perfectly wind your automatic watches. It ensures that your watches stay on time even when you are not wearing them. This is especially useful if you have several mechanical watches in your possession. It consists of a device that simulates wrist movements and therefore ideally winds your watch. It helps keep your stopwatch running and also prolongs its correct functioning. Indeed, it is not good for it to be stopped for too long. If possible, it should run regularly to ensure that it works well and remains accurate after many years.

How to choose a watch winder for automatic watches?

Choosing the right watch winder requires some preliminary knowledge, because the right choice will depend, in addition to the design, a lot on the use you are going to make of it. It is also very important to choose a quality model so that it best fulfills the task to which it is dedicated and takes care of the mechanisms.

Its engine performance

Performance is one of the most important points to protect your watches. A system with a variable setting of revolutions per day from 650 to 1700 is in our opinion ideal and very flexible. The high-end systems allow you to set this for each watch individually.It is also important to know whether the system is mono- or bi-directional. Some mechanisms prefer one or the other option. Finally, it is very appreciable that, mainly for aesthetic reasons, the stop is done in the noon position.

Its capacity and size

Capacity is obviously a variable to be taken into account. How many watches do you have and how many do you expect to have in the future. The models that we have allow you to wind between one and sixteen pieces. Don't forget to look at the dimensions of the box. Does it fit in your safe or in your cupboard?

What type of power supply should you choose?

You have models that work with electricity, battery or battery-powered. If you want your watches to be able to be wound in a safe, it may be important for you that the model you choose is battery operated. If you leave your case outside, an electric operation is perfectly adapted and more ecological.

The design

Watches are beautiful objects that watch lovers love to look at. So choose a model that you like and according to your taste with or without lighting. Since taste is a very personal matter, we have a large selection that satisfies all desires and styles.

Bi-directional devices?

Bi-directional watch winders are currently the most recommended models. They better reproduce the natural movements of the wrist by working in one direction and then the other. This is the method recommended by the leading brands. The ideal number of turns is 750 to 1500 on each side once a day.This kind of capacity is not normally found in low-cost models.

Break phases

It is imperative to have a tool that does not work continuously so as not to damage the mechanisms. Some very low-end models don't go into detail and rotate without stopping. Using this kind of products is a very bad idea, they may damage your watches.

Other useful points

Apart from the points detailed above, the noise generated by your winder can be significant. For this reason, we have selected high quality products with motors that make a minimum of noise.

The most important points to consider when choosing a winder that is perfectly adapted to your needs are therefore:

  • The quality of the motors and the possible adjustments
  • The number of watches that can be winded and the dimension of the box.
  • The type of power supply
  • To have a box you like
  • Mono or Bi-directional

Is a watch winder useful?

The main interest of this tool is to keep your watch always ready.That said, while it is good to wind your watch occasionally, running it continuously for years also has its disadvantages and causes damage. It is therefore good to use it, but not continuously and you should use quality models.
Some people don't use them, because they say that what they like about an automatic watch is that it stops and you have to reset it.

Also a beautiful travel case

In addition to its primary use, which is to wind it up, it is also a design object and a very practical object when moving around. It is the safest and most useful way to move your watches when traveling or staying away from home. You will therefore have the pleasure of being able to choose, at your place of residence, which watch you want to wear without asking yourself the question of the level of its reserve of power.

Automatic winders at Sovogue

Sovogue has decided to work mainly with the Modalo brand. It is in our opinion the brand that offers the best value for money, but also one of the best products currently on the market. So they are excellent products and very useful if you have mechanical watches. If, finally, you don't need to wind your watches but only to store them, we have a large choice of watch boxes that will do the job perfectly.

For further information feel free to contact us.