Emile Chouriet

Emile Chouriet

Time flies, but we inherited wings from our tradition; we consider it our responsibility to nurture this precious heritage in order to pass it... [ more + ]on to future generations. Humans have always dreamed of flying, and Emile Chouriet chose to echo this dream with its first timepiece, “Les Ailes du Temps”, placing itself under the patronage of Daedalus. Father of Icarus in ancient Greek mythology, Daedalus represents the archetype of the skilful craftsman and artist who manages to escape imprisonment by manufacturing his own wings. These wings are an allegory of the dream of humanity to transcend its finitude through technology and art, and have since become part of the DNA of our brand. [ less - ]
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Emile Chouriet, a Geneva-based watch manufacturer looking to the future

The pursuit of watchmaking knowledge and the transmission of a unique, handcrafted and specialized know-how are among the most important values of Emile Chouriet's work. Anchored in a tradition of several centuries, they are nevertheless resolutely modern and deeply turned towards the future. They know how to build new watches by keeping their traditions and history in mind, but having the free spirit to create something new every time. They do not hesitate to create new, more contemporary and original shapes.

The founder of the Emile Chouriet factory is Jean Depéry. He is the descendant of a family intimately linked to the watchmaking industry in the Geneva region since the 17th century. After technical studies and a first life in the design and production of watch parts, he decided to create his own watches. The name Emile Chouriet was chosen as a tribute to a talented watchmaker of the 17th century with whom one of his ancestors had once worked. The name of his company underlines the importance given to tradition and collaboration. Values that have always been necessary to reach the highest levels of luxury watchmaking.

In order to design and manufacture exceptional watches, Emile Chouriet knows how to merge the best of the Swiss watchmaking tradition with the most advanced talents of today.
By combining the region's heritage of excellence, luxury and tradition with an innovative and modern spirit, Emile Chouriet has quickly become a brand that counts and will count in the future.