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  1. Prix Spécial CHF 1,150.00
    Prix normal  
  2. Prix Spécial CHF 695.00
    Prix normal  
  3. Prix Spécial CHF 690.00
    Prix normal  
  4. Prix Spécial CHF 930.00
    Prix normal CHF 1,750.00
  5. Prix Spécial CHF 895.00
    Prix normal  
  6. Prix Spécial CHF 895.00
    Prix normal  
  7. Prix Spécial CHF 995.00
    Prix normal  
  8. Prix Spécial CHF 175.00
    Prix normal CHF 235.00
  9. Prix Spécial CHF 135.00
    Prix normal CHF 155.00
  10. Prix Spécial CHF 560.00
    Prix normal CHF 940.00
  11. Prix Spécial CHF 295.00
    Prix normal CHF 435.00
  12. Prix Spécial CHF 245.00
    Prix normal CHF 469.00
  13. Prix Spécial CHF 350.00
    Prix normal CHF 660.00
  14. Prix Spécial CHF 145.00
    Prix normal CHF 199.00
  15. Prix Spécial CHF 320.00
    Prix normal CHF 649.00
  16. Prix Spécial CHF 540.00
    Prix normal CHF 999.00
  17. Prix Spécial CHF 995.00
    Prix normal  
  18. Prix Spécial CHF 995.00
    Prix normal  
  19. Prix Spécial CHF 199.00
    Prix normal CHF 349.00
  20. Prix Spécial CHF 995.00
    Prix normal  
  21. Prix Spécial CHF 295.00
    Prix normal CHF 549.00
  22. Prix Spécial CHF 495.00
    Prix normal  
  23. Prix Spécial CHF 4,450.00
    Prix normal CHF 4,750.00
  24. Prix Spécial CHF 190.00
    Prix normal CHF 239.00
  25. Prix Spécial CHF 210.00
    Prix normal CHF 549.00
  26. Prix Spécial CHF 165.00
    Prix normal CHF 199.00
  27. Prix Spécial CHF 750.00
    Prix normal CHF 1,290.00
  28. Prix Spécial CHF 149.00
    Prix normal CHF 179.00
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Our watches for men combine practicality and elegance

Discover our selection of watches for men, combining elegance and Swiss quality at a competitive price. Indeed, Switzerland is known for its precision and expertise in watchmaking, which gives our watches exceptional reliability and durability.

A man's watch is more than just a practical accessory, it's also an essential style element to complete your look. Whether it's a sleek design or a more sophisticated model, a wristwatch adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit and catches the eye.

Our men's watch collection offers a wide range of models, each more elegant than the last. We work with world-renowned brands such as Swatch, Swiss Military, Georgio Armani, Fossil and CASIO to bring you the highest quality watches.

Whether you are looking for a watch for a special occasion or for everyday use, we have what you need. Our team of watch experts will guide you to find the watch that suits your needs and personal style.

Don't miss the opportunity to wear a men's watch that combines elegance, Swiss quality and competitive pricing. Order now and enjoy the precision and beauty of a Swiss watch on your wrist.

Automatic or quartz?

If you are considering buying a watch, you will certainly be faced with the choice between a quartz watch and an automatic watch. The main difference between these two types of watches is the way they work. Quartz watches use a quartz crystal to regulate the movement of the seconds hand, while automatic watches use a complex system of springs and gears to regulate the movement of the hands.

If you are looking for precision and reliability, quartz watches are an excellent choice. The movements of the quartz crystal are smooth and consistent, which means that the watch is very accurate and reliable. Quartz watches are also often less expensive than automatic watches and require less maintenance.

However, if you are a watch enthusiast and are looking for a watch with a unique aesthetic and a special charm, automatic watches might be the best option for you. Although these watches are often more expensive and require regular maintenance to maintain their accuracy, they offer a unique bond between the watch and its owner, created by the natural movement of the wearer's wrist.

Ultimately, the choice between a quartz watch and an automatic watch depends on your personal preferences and budget. If you're looking for precision and reliability, opt for a quartz watch. If you are a watch enthusiast and are looking for a unique aesthetic or want to make a gift, an automatic watch might be the best option for you.

The true accessory of elegance for men

There is something irresistibly appealing about watches. They are both practical and aesthetically pleasing accessories that can really complete an outfit and make a style statement. That's why it's no surprise that many people, especially watch enthusiasts, own more than one watch.

In addition to being a fashion statement, having more than one watch also offers great variety in how you can present your look to the world. You can wear a watch depending on the occasion or mood. You can choose a stylish watch for a dressy evening or a sporty watch for a day of outdoor activities. You can even wear a different watch every day of the week to bring a little variety to your daily routine.

In addition, owning multiple watches also allows you to rotate them regularly, which means each watch will receive less wear and tear and damage. This can extend the life of each watch and allow you to enjoy them for years to come.

All in all, there are many benefits to owning multiple watches, whether it's for aesthetics, functionality or even durability. So if you're a watch lover, don't hesitate to expand your collection. You might be surprised at how much it can add to your personal style and appreciation of these wonderful accessories.