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A box for automatic watch

The watch boxes that French watchmakers call more elegantly "écrins" are a real protective showcase and design object for your watches and for your desktop. Whether they are round or square, in leather, wood or plastic, with or without a window, watch boxes should all have the same two main characteristics: Protect your watches and enjoy yourself.
Well protected your watch will remain in perfect condition for a long time and will not be scratched. The box also allows you to store all your models in the same place without taking too much space. For example, if you have a small safe deposit box at the bank or at home, you can put many pieces and leave their boxes at home.

Which box to choose?

The ideal watch box depends on the use you want to make of it. Some of them are very practical, pretty and allow you to store a lot of pieces and others are small, very solid and for only one or two watches.
The first question to ask yourself is: Do I want a storage space for my home, for a safe at the bank or a box for my travels? In the case of home use, take a model with the number of spaces you need and the model you like the most. There are many models in many materials to please all tastes. Do you want a box with a window to see them or without a window for more discretion and solidity? Does the model you like fit in your safe or in the drawer provided for that purpose?
For the travel models, it must above all be very solid and small. In this case, we often recommend a case for two models. This will allow you to change your watch and take up as little space as possible in your suitcase. If you plan to move more pieces, nothing stops you from taking several boxes for two pieces and have even more flexibility in your use.

The choice of your box should be made after asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is it a box to transport or to store my watches?
  • How many pieces do I want to store?
  • Is the size of the box appropriate for the place where I am going to store it?

Models adapted to automatic watches

If we talk about cases or automatic watch boxes, it is because they are not simple boxes. They allow you to store your watches perfectly on a support that somewhat imitates the shape of a human wrist and therefore allow you to protect the bracelets. The bracelets should not be handled too much if you want to keep them in good condition, especially those made of leather. A suitable storage box is therefore the ideal way to keep them in good condition and with the right shape and thus avoid unnecessary costs and frustration.
On the other hand, boxes are only made to store and protect your watches. If you also want to wind them, you must use a watch winder. We have many models of automatic watch winders if this is what you are looking for.

Where to find a watch box at the best price?

We have many models of watch cases or watch boxes on Sovogue. We have selected models that meet all our quality criteria and for all possible uses. We therefore hope to be able to offer you the object that will please you and that will quickly become indispensable for your watch or your collection.