Socko Sàrl's General terms and conditions of sale

Socko Sàrl's general terms and conditions (commercial register number: CH- for the use of the pages,,, and
Please note: Only the German original of these General Terms and Conditions of Socko Sàrl's is legally binding. The English translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, you automatically accept the German original.

Article 1: General points & validity of the general terms and conditions

1.1 The General Terms and Conditions (following referred to as the GTC) regulate the comprehensive relationship between the company Socko Sàrl (following referred to as Socko) Neumarktstrasse 48 in 2503 Biel and the user. The visitor has accepted the general terms and conditions during the registration on one of the 5 websites mentioned above.
1.2 Deviations from the General Terms and Conditions are only effective if we confirm them in writing.

Article 2 : Changes to the GTC and Terms of Use

2.1 Socko reserves the right to adapt or modify the terms and conditions. In the event of a change, the modifications will be applied to any order placed on that day.
2.2 The general terms and conditions as published in the webshop shall apply in each case. For purchase orders placed prior to the effective date of the amended GTC, the previous GTC shall also apply after the effective date of the amended GTC.

Article 3: Products

3.1 Socko offers products of various brands at discount prices. The products are only available online (Internet) on one of the 5 websites mentioned above.
3.2 The product information is based on the information provided by Socko Sàrl's suppliers. The information is therefore provided for information purposes only and Socko Sàrl cannot be held responsible for the information provided.
3.3 The information contained in our sales documents (drawings, illustrations, dimensions, weights, and other services) is to be understood as a guide only and does not constitute an assurance of characteristics unless it is expressly stated in writing that it is binding.
3.4 Wines and spirits shall only be delivered to persons of full age. By placing an order with such a product, you confirm that you are aware of the Swiss law on spirits and that you are of legal age.
3.5 The offers on the webshop of are subject to confirmation and are not to be understood as binding offers. An order is only placed when the order confirmation is sent via e-mail or when the ordered goods are delivered. The availability of the articles is reserved by our suppliers.
3.6 Socko Sàrl cannot be held responsible for the improper, bad or incorrect use of articles by customers.
3.7 Watches purchased on are original and not intended for resale. To guarantee this, the watches are equipped with a warranty card only, the series N°, the reference as well as the watch brand and the date of purchase are noted on the warranty card. To preserve the luxury and prevent the resale of the watches, the guarantees and documents are registered with the suppliers in the name and the name of the buyer.
3.8 Watches purchased on are only available with the original strap; adjustments to the straps and strap length are not possible and will therefore not be carried out. Socko Sàrl is not responsible if the strap does not fit.
3.9 Watches purchased on cannot be returned or exchanged. Each order is fixed and cannot be modified after the payment has been made and the treatment process started.
3.10 For persons resident in Europe, the prices quoted in dollars are calculated on the basis of the exchange rate 1 CHF = 1 dollar. All purchases from Europe are invoiced in Swiss francs and on the basis of 1 CHF = 1 dollar.

Article 4: Quality, services, and guarantee

4.1 The Products are described on the 5 Websites at the time of sale. Images and product specifications are provided in cooperation with suppliers for information purposes only and are for guidance only. The color reproduction is not the same on every screen and Socko Sàrl, therefore, does not guarantee that the colors correspond exactly to those of the goods supplied.
4.2 The goods sold by Socko Sàrl on the above 5 websites are covered only by the manufacturer's warranty. The warranty only comes into force if the customer has notified the support team of the warranty case in advance and has received a return authorization from the support team.
4.3 Socko Sàrl cannot be held responsible in the event of accidents caused by the misuse, abuse or incorrect use of items or any other type of accident.
4.4 Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, the warranty period is 24 months in accordance with the following provisions.
4.4.1 The guarantee begins on the delivery date. If a defect is due to improper use, storage or handling, the warranty will be void. Insignificant deviations from warranted characteristics of the goods do not trigger a warranty claim.
4.4.2 Warranty claims against Socko Sàrl are only due to the direct purchaser and cannot be passed on to third parties.
4.4.3 The purchaser has the exclusive right to rectification of defects or exchange (replacement delivery). Cancellation and reduction are excluded. Socko Sàrl shall decide whether to repair or replace an item.
4.4.4 Excluded from the guarantee are wearing parts, batteries, and accumulators, the exact guarantee conditions of can be found on under guarantee

Article 5: Availability of products

5.1 The offers sold on,,, and are limited in time and number.
5.2 The stock level and the remaining time is displayed in real time on the respective website.
5.3 As soon as the offer is sold out or has expired, the note "SOLD OUT" will be displayed.
5.4 The availability of the items depends on the suppliers of Socko Sàrl and may vary.

Article 6: Prices and delivery costs

6.1 The prices published on the above 5 websites are net prices in CHF and include Swiss VAT. Socko Sàrl reserves the right to change prices at any time but undertakes to charge the prices indicated at the time of ordering.
6.1.1 Technical errors, changes, errors and misprints are reserved.
6.2 The customer must pay the delivery costs, which will be indicated during the ordering process (as soon as the customer starts it). The delivery costs will be presented to the customer for verification before the order is completed. In certain cases, only if it is stated on the quotation page that the delivery costs are free, the delivery costs will be paid by Socko Sàrl.
6.3 Customers have the possibility to pick up their item at our office. In this case, no delivery costs will be charged.
6.4 The shipping costs in the case of a return of the product will be covered by the customer, except in cases where the goods have been damaged during delivery.
6.5 In the event of an order not complained to the supplier, the customer shall bear the additional delivery costs.
6.5.1 In the event of an order not complained to the supplier, Socko Sàrl will keep the goods in stock reserved for the customer for a maximum of 2 months.
6.6 For orders outside Switzerland delivery costs will be added during the check out process.
6.7 Most International orders are subject to Customs Duty and Tax regulations specified by the designated country and are the sole responsibility of the customer. You may contact your local customs office for details.

Article 7: Delivery conditions and delivery time

7.1 The Goods shall be delivered to the address provided by the Customer during registration.
7.2 Socko Sàrl delivers to Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Orders from other countries cannot be processed for legal reasons.
7.2.1 delivers internationally. Please note the conditions under article 13.
7.3 The delivery times stated in the "Description" of the offers are approximate. Socko Sàrl endeavors to comply with the respective deadlines, but cannot be held liable if the suppliers have delays in delivery.
7.3.1 The delivery time of 24h (1 working day) applies only if indicated and the goods are ordered and paid for before 15:00 o'clock. If the goods are ordered and paid for on a holiday, (Saturday or Sunday) the goods will be shipped on the next working day.
7.4 In the event of late delivery, Socko Sàrl shall not be obliged to pay damages or a full refund of the order.
7.5 Should Socko Sàrl not be able to deliver the ordered item within 2 months of the scheduled delivery date, the Company will refund the total amount of the order within 2 months in the form of a voucher or refund via Paypal, postal account or bank account.
7.6 In the event that the Customer has indicated an incorrect delivery address, Socko Sàrl shall not be obliged to contact the Customer and arrange for a new shipment. The Customer will be charged for the additional delivery costs and the reworking.
7.7 If the Customer is absent during delivery, he must himself contact the transport company responsible (Swiss Post, DHL or others) in order to receive his parcel. If the parcel is sent back to Socko Sàrl, the additional costs for processing and reshipment will be charged.
7.8 If an order includes several items, Socko Sàrl reserves the right to deliver the items in partial deliveries.
7.9 Socko Sàrl declines any responsibility for the loss or deterioration of the parcel by the transport company. At the same time, Socko Sàrl cannot be held responsible or liable for the theft of goods delivered in the milk crate or in front of the door.
7.10 During the ordering process, the customer has the possibility to choose the delivery method "collection on the spot". In this case, Socko Sàrl's Customer Service will contact the Customer at the time requested. This delivery method eliminates delivery costs.
7.11 The transport risk is transferred to the buyer as soon as the consignment has been handed over to the transport company. However, the shipment is insured to a limited extent. Damage to the delivered goods must be reported to the transport company as soon as possible, but no later than 4 calendar days after delivery. In case of complaints, all parts of the original packaging must be kept. These may only be disposed of with the written consent of the transport company or Socko Sàrl.

Article 8: Order and conclusion of sale

8.1 The sale is concluded as soon as the customer validates his purchase by clicking on "Order" in his shopping basket and payment has been made. Once payment has been received by Socko Sàrl, the Customer will receive confirmation of the order (invoice) by e-mail. The e-mail contains a sales contract between Socko Sàrl and the buyer. The order is therefore completed and cannot be canceled. The purchase can only be canceled for the reasons stated in the General Conditions.
8.2 In order to place an order, the customer must be of age (of legal age, 18 years and older) and not under guardianship. The customer guarantees that all the information he provides on our website is true.

Article 9: Terms of payment and confidentiality

9.1 Delivery will only be made against advance payment. Payment on account is not possible.
9.2 As soon as the order has been executed, the customer receives an e-mail with all necessary information such as: Total amount to be paid and the address and bank details of Socko Sàrl. This e-mail confirms that Socko Sàrl has received the order, and is only an order confirmation. The confirmation of receipt of payment is an additional e-mail that will be sent after Socko Sàrl has received the payment.
9.3 Socko Sàrl provides several payment methods to facilitate the purchase and payment of the items: Credit card, PostFinance & Postcard and payment by bank/post transfer to the company account and e-finance.
9.3.1 If the purchase is made by credit card, this is done via the PayPal service. If you pay by credit card, an additional charge will be displayed in your shopping cart. The additional costs amount to 2% of the total amount of your order.
9.3.2 If payment is made by PostFinance or PostCard, the customer must pay via the Swiss PostFinance website.
9.3.3 If you select bank transfer, the details for payment to the Socko Sàrl postal account will be sent directly to you per mail. If you use a red bank wire slip for payment, Socko Sàrl is obliged to charge a contribution towards expenses of CHF 2. The payment period by bank transfer or payment slip is determined by Socko Sàrl. This is currently 48 hours (not including working days, holidays, etc.) after we have received the order. The ordered items will be reserved for 72 hours, when the deadline expires, the order will be automatically cancelled. If the customer does not comply with the payment deadline, Socko Sàrl reserves the right to cancel the order.
9.3.4 Payment via e-finance/e-banking does not incur any additional costs.
9.4 The information related to the payment will not be communicated to Socko Sàrl. Payment is made directly on the PayPal or PostFinance company system, without Socko Sàrl or third parties having access.
9.5 The Customer has the possibility to obtain a sales contract in French or German.

Article 10: Late payment

10.1 If the customer does not pay his debts after the set deadline, the order will be canceled automatically.

Article 11: Right of return and reimbursement

11.1 Articles purchased on Socko Sàrl cannot be returned, except in the case of defective or incomplete goods.
11.2 If an item is defective, incomplete or in poor condition, the Customer must contact Socko Sàrl Customer Service within 7 days of delivery of the item. If the complaint is made outside this period, it will not be accepted. In addition, the customer must write a description of the complaint in which all the defects can be seen. Returns received by Socko Sàrl without notification to the support team and without a form will not be processed. The buyers are obliged to check and inspect the goods immediately upon receipt and to notify the supplier of the respective transport company (Die Post, DPD, DHL, etc.) of any defects. Customers have 7 days to make a complaint by post or customer support.
11.3 A product must be returned in its original condition (packaging, accessories, documents, etc.). If the product is not in its original condition and all accessories have not been returned, Socko Sàrl will not accept the returned product and the warranty will be void.
11.4 The guarantee provided by Socko Sàrl will only come into force if the item is returned in its entirety and in its original condition (packaging, accessories, notes, etc.) and if the description of the complaint is in accordance with paragraph 10.2. Complaints regarding a product under warranty will be processed within a period of approximately 5 days.
11.5 If the return complies with point 11.2, the Customer's additional delivery costs will be credited to the Customer's Socko Sàrl account as a voucher. (See article 12)
11.6 If the return complies with point 11.2, provided that no new equivalent product can be delivered, the total amount of the order will be credited to the purchaser's Socko Sàrl customer account as a voucher, which can be redeemed at the next order on one of Socko Sàrl's websites. Socko Sàrl does not refund cash or bank/post account refunds.
11.7 In the event of a refund claim, the goods must be returned to Socko Sàrl's warehouse before receipt of the refund. Only after the product has been returned to Socko Sàrl will the refund be executed.
11.8 If a customer dies, his family may request a refund of the purchase, if the ordered product has not yet been delivered to the address indicated by the deceased customer. Socko Sàrl will stop all current transactions and orders after having been informed. Once Socko Sàrl has received all the necessary information from the family, the undelivered products will be refunded.
11.9 If Socko Sàrl has delays in delivery due to the supplier, Socko Sàrl will not refund the goods, provided that the goods can be delivered within a maximum period of 2 months. Once this period has elapsed, Socko Sàrl will refund the goods in the form of a voucher, via PayPal or to the customer's postal/bank account.
11.10 The Customer has the right to return the ordered goods without reason. He will be charged for the return postage and an additional 30% of the price of the goods, but at least CHF 50. Note: The goods must always be new, neither worn nor washed, in their original condition (including labels, original packaging(s) and accessories) and returned with the invoice. Shoes and boots must also be returned in their original condition and in their original packaging. The original packaging of the articles is not sufficient as return packaging and may not be used as such. Hygiene articles that come into direct contact with skin and body fluids (e.g. creams, all erotic articles and toys and others) are excluded from exchange and will under no circumstances be taken back by Socko Sàrl. These conditions do not apply to articles and sales on
11.11 If the refund has been confirmed by Socko Sàrl's customer service, the amount will be returned within 3 weeks.

Article 12: Vouchers

12.1 Socko Sàrl vouchers give the Customer the right to discount on all items in the following online stores:,, and
12.2 The use of a voucher on a website belonging to Socko Sàrl is only possible if the Customer has purchased one or received one from the support team.
12.3 In order to redeem the voucher, the Customer must place the desired product in the shopping cart and then deduct the amount from the voucher.
12.4 The vouchers are limited to 1 year.
12.5 Vouchers are excluded from an exchange and cannot be refunded.
12.6 The vouchers can only be used on a website belonging to Socko Sàrl.
12.7 In the event of an order being returned or an order being canceled, the voucher will not be issued.

Article 13: International shipping

13.1 Bank transfer: accepts international orders only by bank transfer. Transfer orders must be sent by e-mail and processed manually. If you send an international bank transfer, please ensure that you pay all fees associated with your transfer (contact your bank for payment details). will send you by e-mail a list of transfer instructions after an invoice has been generated in our system and the order amount has been confirmed.
13.2 Customs and Shipping: Most international orders are subject to the customs and tax regulations of the relevant country and are the sole responsibility of the customer. You can contact your local customs office for more details. All APO / FPO addressed packages are shipped via UPS. The average international delivery time is 1 week to 14 days.
13.3 Shipping Problems / Complaints: Please keep all shipping documents and the shipping carton in a safe place as our insurance company may have to investigate them.
13.3.1 If the item was not delivered at all, an insurance claim can only be made after 35 days from the date of shipment.
13.3.2 If an international order is damaged or not received, an insurance claim must be initiated and concluded before the compensation by the customer or the product exchange is carried out by
13.3.3 If the item is damaged, please contact within 3 working days of delivery to claim damages.

Article 14: After-sales service

14.1 Socko Sàrl grants, from the date of purchase, a guarantee of 2 years on all watches on see " Guarantee".
14.2 The guarantee comes into force only if it is attached to all complaints.
14.3 For the returns of a case under guarantee, please wait for the agreement and the instructions of the support in order to proceed to the return of the product.
14.3.1 The return is at the customer's expense unless otherwise instructed by the support.

Article 15: Limitation of liability

15.1 In accordance with Socko Sàrl's general terms and conditions and the other provisions of the agreement, Socko Sàrl undertakes towards the customer to perform the services with due care.
15.2 Claims for damages arising from the impossibility of performance, from breach of contract, from culpa in contrahendo and from tort are excluded both against us and against our vicarious agents unless intentional or grossly negligent action is involved.
15.3 Liability for indirect damage and consequential damage resulting from use, faulty performance or loss of performance is excluded.

Article 16: Terms of use

16.1 Customers who do not comply with the GTC will be immediately deleted from the Socko Sàrl website. Socko Sàrl reserves the right to immediately delete customer accounts without giving a reason.
16.1.1 A renewed registration with other personal data and modified information or a false identity will be considered as a fraud according to article 146 of the Swiss Code of Obligations and article 147 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Article 17: Data protection

17.1 Socko Sàrl shall be entitled to process the data relating to the Buyer received in relation to or in connection with the business relationship, whether from the Buyer himself or from third parties, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act.
17.2 Personal customer data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.
17.3 See page * Data protection * for further information.

Article 18: Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

18.1 The relationship between Socko Sàrl and the Customer shall be governed by Swiss law.
18.2 In the event of disputes, the place of jurisdiction shall be Biel.

Article 19: Information about the company

19.1 Socko Sàrl is registered in the Commercial Register under number CH-
Socko Sàrl
Neumarktstrasse 48
2503 Biel/Bienne

Socko Sàrl Biel-Bienne, 14.01.2020