Watch Winder Chronovision One Bluetooth - Argento Silk

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All eyes are on this fine wood, all in black. The subtle grain of the matte center console combined with lacquered exterior panels is a timelessly beautiful contrast.

Watch Winder Chronovision One Bluetooth - Argento Silk

The Chronovision One is the first watch winder Chronovision built, and the technical base of all further Chronovision models. A single watch winder, which combines everything that defines Chronovision. The whisper-quiet motor driven by an independent drive, which moves each watch gently with the right direction of rotation and number of turns per day. The high-quality and individually configurable cases with their beautiful surfaces, make every Chronovision watch winder a fascinating piece of art.

The distinct shape puts its purpose on point: to be the base of your expression of style. The case, made from high-quality synthetic terpolymer, a particularly durable material, is painted or chrome-plated. The aluminum centerpiece receives a special touch by luxurious finishes in wood or metal.

Whether as a single mover or as an expandable system of intelligently communicating modules, the Chronovision One is fascinating in every respect. And not only in your home but also on the road in your hotel room or holiday home. The Chronovision One is so compact that you can easily take it with you when traveling. A unique collector's item that combines masterly craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and exquisite design. Is there a more beautiful stage for your favorite watch?

Handy Bluetooth App for IOS and Android

Manage your watches using the constantly growing database with preset programs for over 3500 watches.
Set the engine via app by selecting the brand and model of your watch and save the appropriate program. In a matter of seconds, the watch winder is ready to go. Besides, every drive is solely programmable. Therefore each watch can be separately wound.

Android APP Download       IOS APP Download


  • App / Bluetooth Operation
  • Black Silk Look
  • Unique Details
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ReferenceChronovision One Bluetooth - Argento Seidenmatt • 70050-101.20.10
SeriesOne Bluetooth - Argento Seidenmatt
Watch in motion1
Dimensions10 x 10 x 10 cm
Rotation directionAlternating, left, right
Revolutions500 - 2500 TPD
Rest phaseIn 12 o'clock position
Power supplyA/C power supply (Not included)
Battery operationLR-14 (Batteries not included)
Strap lengths16+ cm
Modular ExpandableYes
Mains operation (power supply unit optionally available)One power supply unit can supply power to up to six modules connected in series
Wind-up procedureProgrammable (individual programming of each module)
FunctionsIntelligent sleep phase, this function imitates the normal wearing behavior of watches (missed turns are made up for)
On-demand the watch winder can be put into "sleep" for up to 12 hours
Fast winding, watches with low power reserve can be prepared by activating this function for the reliable and best possible winding in the watch
Additional functionsProgramming and synchronizing individual modules with the smartphone application
Internal database with preset programs for over 3500 watches - constantly growing
Scope of deliveryWatch winder, batteries, operating instructions
NoteWatches not included
Article no.#18861

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