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Chronovision Collectors of Time Ambiance XV
Watch Winder Chronovision Collectors of Time Ambiance XV 70050-155.18.10

Chronovision Collectors of Time Ambiance XV

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Only 3 pieces available

Watch Winder Chronovision Ambiance XV

CHRONO-Sync function: All modules start winding at the same time, despite individual motors, while maintaining a consistent speed of rotation (not the number of TPD). Therefore ensuring a harmonic view while winding more than one watch.

Handy Bluetooth App for IOS and Android

This useful application offers a variety of features that make winding your watch an extraordinary experience.

Thanks to the ingenious app, you can program your watch winder via smartphone, tablet, or per USB via a computer.

Have a look at the database with pre-set programs for over 3500 timepieces. Do not worry if your model has not yet been included, the database is constantly growing.

Simply set the particular rotor with your app by selecting the brand and model of your watch. Now you just have to save the setting. Each motor is programmable individually. Like this, all your watches get the treatment they deserve.

Android APP Download       IOS APP Download

Light - The art of high-quality presentation of fine watches

The Ambiance models shine to their true glory with two dimmable lights: The interior lighting highlights the watches protected behind the smoked glass window, while the ambiance light, integrated into the stand, discreetly underlines the noble character of the watch winder. Both the interior and ambient lighting can be adjusted in 16 steps. This allows you to optimally adjust the effect of your watch collection to the surroundings.

Materials that inspire

The Chronovision Ambiance protects your watches with a darkened smoked glass panel. Its edges have been carefully smoothed and polished. Both case sizes for up to eight timepieces are equipped with a plate that is attached with restless friction hinges. It swings upwards and is dampened during opening and closing. The large case for twelve to fifteen automatic watches has a split disc that opens elegantly on both sides.


  • 12 o'clock stop position in rest periods
  • Bluetooth App for IOS and Android
  • Easy programming via mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Internal database with pre-set programs for over 3500 watches - constantly growing
  • LED accent and interior lighting
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  • Brand
  • Series
    Collectors of Time Ambiance XV
  • Reference


  • Number of watches
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)
    61 x 46.5 x 30 cm
  • Max. Diameter of watch (including crown)
    Up to 50 mm
  • Max. Weight per Watch
    300 gramm
  • CHRONO-Sync function
    All modules of a watch winder always start the rotation at the same time despite individual motors while maintaining a uniform speed of rotation (not number of revolutions per day).
  • Material
  • Ebony satin, synthetic matt, velour
  • Smoked glass door
  • Velour coated watch holder
  • Properties
  • Power source
    A/C power supply unit
  • Winding
    Programmable (individual programming of each module)
  • Clockwise, counterclockwise and bidirectional
  • 500 - 2650 revolutions per day (adjustable speed in steps of 50)
  • Functions
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • Intelligent sleep phase, this function imitates the normal wearing behaviour of watches.
  • If desired, the watch winder can be put into "sleep" for up to 14 hours.
  • Fast winding, watches with little power reserve can be prepared for the best and most reliable winding in the watch winder by activating this function.
  • 12 o'clock stop position in rest periods
  • Additional functions
  • Programming and synchronization of individual modules via smartphone application
  • Internal database with preset programs for over 3500 watches - constantly growing
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