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Louis Erard

The Louis Erard way
Louis Erard creates watches that are original and authentic with strong horological content while embodying today’s essential call for affordability. More than a brand, Louis... moreErard is the - Made in Switzerland - value proposition.
Louis Erards philosophy, Your advantages
Louis Erard believes that great brands aren’t just about big marketing campaigns and huge production capacities, it’s about passion, dedication and transparency too. They rather invest in your watches and reach unmatched levels of quality, content and finish in their price category. Because at the end of the day, it's all about you! less
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The Swiss watch brand Louis Erard was founded in 1929 in La Chaux de Fonds by Louis Erard and André Perret. Two years later, the first watches came out of the factory. After a few good years where the company employed about sixty people, it had, like many watch manufacturers, financial problems. In 1990, it moved to Le Noirmont in the Swiss Jura and managed to get through another watchmaking crisis. It was in the 2000s that the company really reborn, offering products that were quite rare at the time, quality mechanical watches at low prices. This strategy quickly proved to be the right one and the company found its way back to success.
To symbolize their rebirth, the company remarkets the model created in 1931 to establish its watch in history, but also in modernity. The last major step in the brand's development took place in 2012, when they decided to add quartz watches to their catalog.
It is therefore a company that never ceases to surprise and amaze, and is truly ready to question itself in order to meet contemporary desires and needs.


Although the brand is currently positioned in the mid-range of luxury watchmaking in terms of price, it does not economize on quality and produces watches that are truly top quality. Their anchorage in the Swiss Jura mountains, the true origin of watchmaking, and the love for a job well done of the people of the region make that the product is made with care and passion. They themselves define their philosophy in four essential points.


Our watches are made only with the best materials and according to the strictest production standards. They are subjected to a thorough individual quality control before leaving Le Noirmont.


Our quest for aesthetic balance is inspired by the philosophy of "less is more". The classic codes of Swiss watchmaking are both mastered and reinterpreted.


We offer fine watchmaking at a fair price, allowing you to match your watch to every occasion and all your favorite styles.


Assembly requires the most meticulous care and expertise. The movement is encased, the dial and hands are fixed, the different functions are adjusted and finally the bracelet is assembled.


The main models of the range are the Excellence series with or without Regulator, the Sportive with a more modern and sporty look and finally the very classic Heritage model.

  • Excellence (Modern with sometimes the minute separated from the hour)
  • La Sportive (Sportier look)
  • Heritage (Elegant and classic model)

The most emblematic collection is Excellence with Regulator.The Regulator is a complication that separates the hour hand from the minute hand. It produces a watch with a unique and very elegant look. And, in this collection, perhaps the most original and unique watch is the "Le Régulateur Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein" with its colorful look and a bit "Bauhaus" style. Unfortunately, this piece has only been released in very few pieces.


We really appreciate this company for many reasons. Its location in Le Noirmont, the heart of the Swiss jura and the "Watch Valley" is already a guarantee of quality and authenticity. We also like the passion that this true watchmaking manufacture puts into producing quality and innovative movements while keeping prices accessible to the greatest number of people.
We also love the design of their products. The different collections are all elegant, with a contemporary and almost timeless style, but adapted to everyone, while keeping the simplicity and sobriety inherent to the spirit of the Jura and Neuchâtel mountains.